Monday, January 31, 2011

Tonight's Finals Match

Tonight is my finals match with Tyrone. I have a strategy in place and we’ll see if it works. I’m been playing well lately, and Tyrone has been leaving the ball up on lob serves. If I can put the ball away and play my game I should take this tonight. I just hope we both come through it unscathed. Tyrone blew out his calf muscle last time. My strategy will be to lob serve his backhand and also mix things up with other serves. If my drive serve is feeling good, I’ll throw in a few of those, but it’s important that I keep that first serve from hitting the back wall for an easy setup. That’s what I was doing in Pleasanton. I couldn’t get my drive serves down. I’m practicing my serves for an hour at lunch and relaxing the rest of the afternoon. This match will be good practice going into the state singles tournament in March.

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