Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

January 2 already. Unreal. I feel as though time is spinning out of control. Then again, I always feel that way. Life is so busy these days, too busy actually. I never have enough time to get anything done. My new year's resolution is to not complain about how little time I have. I'm under the impression that I'm constantly being shortchanged on the number of hours I'm given each day. Wrong. I'm given 24, just like everyone else.

I can't believe Christmas is over. It flew by. I'm revising the last two chapters of my Julia Milan book and they're taking more time than I'd like. But I think my ending is much stronger. Funny how rewriting makes things better.

I spent the past several days with Alice and we had so much fun together. I adore her. She's so easy to be with and wonderful and kind. She loves beating me in Wii tennis. I'll allow her that thrill for a little while longer...than it will be time to practice and beat her.

On Wednesday we saw "Becoming Julia Morgan" at the Berkeley City Club, on Friday we saw "The Wizard of Oz" at the Paramount Theater, on Saturday we saw "The King's Speech" in the AMC in San Francisco, and last night we saw "Black Swan" at the Balboa Theater.

I spent all day yesterday and today working on chapter 14. Why haven't I accomplished more? Ugh!

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