Monday, January 31, 2011

A Room with a View

I visited Sausalito for the first time with Alice on Saturday. The skies were overcast and mild as we walked through town along the street facing the water. We ordered mocha and a pastry at a cute cafĂ© and salt water taffy at a place called “Munchies.” It’s a charming place to hang out for a morning. We then went to a mall in Corda Madera and looked around. It started raining around noon, so we headed back to San Francisco and had a wonderful Thai lunch on 9th and Irving. We took a nap in the afternoon, then made a simple noodle and shrimp dinner. In the evening we watched “A Room with a View” on Alice’s computer via Netflix. The film still holds up. I must have seen it many times in the 80s and 90s because so many lines were familiar to me. Alice howled at the pool scene. It certainly is funny. The details are spot on in this film, and the pacing is wonderful. Maggie Smith and Daniel Day Lewis are terrific foils. The music is perfect. Helena Bonham-Carter was star material even then. Alice loved the film. I’ll have to look for more that this one that we can see together.

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