Monday, March 26, 2007

Vegas, et al.

Steve’s Bachelor Party:
This month I flew to Vegas for Steve’s Bachelor party. What a time we had. Kevin, Jeff, Steve, Ron, Neal, Tom and I played poker, ate great food, watched basketball, and offered Steve advice throughout the weekend. I think everyone had a great time. Jeff and I got into it a little bit when we disagreed on a hand Tom had played. The week before, Jeff and I had a bit of an email exchange when Jeff sent a group email to people about “24,” characterizing the show as some neocon front for the war on terror. He sent the email without having watched one episode. That’s a hot button issue for me, criticizing a show you’ve never seen. I ended up responding with one of my over-the-top emails, a 24-page single space essay on why it was ridiculous to comment on a show you’ve never seen. Jeff and I always seem to engage in these battles. I’m the only person who seems to challenge him on his crazy opinions and dogmatic attitudes. Anyway, it’s fun sparring with him. In Vegas, I took 2nd in a tournament at Ceaser’s and won $2000. That was nice. My limit and no limit cash games were pretty disheartening. I seem to run badly so much of the time. I have no idea what it looks like to run well. Poker can be a very frustrating game.

My apartment remodel is going well. This past weekend I bought two nightstands and a bookcase at IKEA. If I continue to complete projects each weekend, I should be finished with the living room, dining room and bedroom by April or May. Home decorating takes a lot of for someone as visually challenged as I am.

Plowing through a long list of movies on Netflix.

Making the big push to finish Don’s rewrite. Also plan to send some scripts out to contests.

Chris and I have a new script in the works. I like this idea a lot. Could be very good.

More later...