Friday, January 21, 2011

Semi-Final Match

I practiced for an hour after work last night and I think that made the difference in my match with Steve this morning. I practiced a serve Shawn used on me in Antioch in which the server stands in the middle of the court and z-serves to the left back corner. The ball passes by the front of the server as it crosses the court. Steve had never seen this serve form me before and it threw him off. I was in the lead the entire match and won decisively 15-5, 15-4. I felt good all morning and put my shots away when I needed to.

Now the stage is set for the Club One Championship Monday night, 1/31, at 6:00 between me and my young gun nemesis, Tyrone. T and I were in the finals last summer, but he pulled his calf muscle and had to stop in the second game. I’m sure he’ll go the distance in this game. It should be a great match. T’s been playing tough opponents in tournaments and will undoubtedly bring everything he has to the match. He wants to win as badly as I. My edge will be in minimizing the number of mistakes I make. That will be the key for me.

I'll lob serve him a lot and keep a leisurely pace to the game. That sort of strategy seems to work best with Tyrone. I'm not going to tire him out. The shorter the rallies, the better my chances of winning.

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