Thursday, January 20, 2011

Semi-Final Match Tomorrow

I have my semi-final match tomorrow morning against Steve. I’m still sore from the Pleasanton Singles Tournament I played last Saturday, so I’m not feeling especially confident. When Steve’s on he’s deadly. We played two weeks ago and I beat him 15-9, 15-12, but I was on and not sore. I may have to bring several different strategies to the court tomorrow and see what works. I played a very slow game against Steve two weeks ago and that helped me. In the second game I was behind 7-12 and increased my intensity. The key will be to control the game, control the tempo and let Steve make the mistakes. Brian gave me good advice when playing Steve. Pass, pass, pass, no pinch shots or splats unless they’re putaways. I’ll think about the various serves I’ll bring. I’ll need to change things up with him. The important thing is to conserve energy and not get burned out too quickly. Keep the rallies short. Put the shots away. We’ll see what happens.

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