Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend with Alice

Alice came over Friday night and we watched Pirate Radio. It was just so-so. There was a scene where a song by the Rolling Stones was playing and I asked Alice what the name of the band was. She said, "The Monkees?" She's so great!

We left Saturday morning after Starbuck's and Noah's bagels. We are so wonderfully compatible. She's happy and I'm happy and life is so damn good!

Sunday, we went for a walk atop Twin Peaks and then met Alice's friend Mark and his ex-partner Roberto for dim sum at a new Chinese restaurant in Diamond Heights. I also the Alice condo rents out which is in a very nice location.

After lunch we went to Irving Street and had a coffee, then went home and watched the Steelers/Jets game. I downloaded music onto Alice's iphone and she made a wonderful spaghetti dinner.

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