Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Reading James Lee Burke to remind myself what clear, crisp, solid prose sounds like. I like his descriptions and witty humor. I'd like my writing to read so well. Today, I was hoping to pound out 10 new pages of material, but I was sidetracked with plot concerns and the feeling that I didn't know the details of my story as well as I should, which is somewhat true I'm afraid. So I spent the day thinking. Is thinking another form of procrastination? Sometimes, but I did need to think through some issues today. I meet Heather, Jackie and Connie on Friday and that should be fun. I'll try not to be too preachy. Sometimes I get that way. I'm such a fixer. Stop it. Back to the book...chapter 8 is shaping up. Lots of family drama there. Two counseling scenes, one with Nicholas and Julia and one with Mara and Julia. It's a fun way to show the differences in the two characters.