Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm reading about 10 books right now. I can't seem to stop starting books. It's a sickness. What I'd love to catch is the illness that forces me to finish books. I'm reading Blue Angel right now. I checked it out of the library today. I've been wanting to read the novel ever since I heard the author Francine Prose interviewed on Fresh Air back in 2000. The cover is fantastic. So is the writing. I'll have this puppy finished in no time.

Chris's package arrived today. He bought me a book on internment camps ("A Tragedy of Democracy") which has totally motivated me to begin work on book 2, "Julia Milan and the House on Trestle Glen." After 15 pages, I'm loving this book. It's thorough and carefully written. Chris also included his Grand Gold award-winning handbook. It's brilliant. I'd love to create a marketing pamphlet similar to his for my book.

The days fly by, as always. There's too much to do. I joined Goodreads. I could spend days on that site. It's worse than Facebook.

I had a racquetball lesson yesterday with Angela Grisar. I was fantastic. I'm working on all sorts of ways to improve my game. I have six basic shots to practice, passing, pinch and wide-angle on both forehand and backhand. We'll see if the lesson improves my game. I think it will.

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