Thursday, February 11, 2010

I like this video:

Oakland is such a cool place. I liked being part of the message machine.

Had lunch with Catherine today and we're going to talk next week about signing on with her as a trainer. This will be perfect for me, as it will give me some flexibility and allow me to teach. Also, I'll be forced to improve my computer skills. A win-win, I believe.

Sending out more queries and reading more blogs and writing sites. Lots of excellent stuff out there!

Calf is better today, thank goodness. I played Rod G. this morning at 10 and beat him in two games, 15-7, 15-8. I played well, making a few mistakes here and there, but really focusing on playing one point at a time and not getting to angry when I missed an opportunity to put the ball away. I was down 1-8 in the second game and really focused on playing one point at a time. Once I worked out the issue with my first serve, I rallied and came back strong. When it was 8-8, Rod was now the player making mistakes and I closed out the match quickly. I hope to do the same with Byron next week.

Now that I've learned how to include YouTube videos on my blog, I'm going to be ridiculous.

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