Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Already?

Kathryn's in town, so Neal B. and I will have dinner with her in the City. Should be fun. I'm gathering my agent info for new queries next week. I have a list of ten, but before I query I would like to review the work of their clients. I did that yesterday and will continue to read more through the weekend. No wonder the days fly by...there's so much to do.

I have my first racquetball lesson with Angela next Wednesday at 1. I can't wait. I played well this week and have focused on hitting the ball more accurately. It really showed today as I beat Steve B. 15-4. Nice. Keep it up. I play to challenge next week on the ladder and win, plus I have some match games to play. A busy week of racquetball. I take on Byron Tuesday night. I have three words for him: Come to papa. I love B., but I do plan to destroy him on Tuesday.

I'm revising ch. 4 of Chapel and the revisions are a great improvement I think.

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