Thursday, June 3, 2010

Endless Things to Do...and I'm distracted again

I'm editing the last chapter of Chapel, making it flow a little better, tightening the scenes, reworking what wasn't working that well to begin with, establishing that magic feeling readers get when they reach the closing line of a book that doesn't disappoint. I'm trying to do that with mine, and it's not quite there, not yet anyway. Today I'm blog-spired. I read a couple of great blog entries that showed me just how effective good blog writing can be. Wow, they were good, so good in fact that I contacted the writer and sung her praises. What I'd give to write that well.

Don't even get me started on 80s videos on You Tube. I wanted to include a line in chapter 8 or 9 about Audrey's 80s music video collection, and three hours later, I put the line in (after watching all the Toto, Human Leauge, Cyndi Lauper, Bangles, Eurythmics, and Men at Work I could stomach...three hours worth, apparently). What a sad situation I sometimes seem to be.

Finishing up a couple of good YA reads, 39 Clues and 20 Boy Summer...oh, yeah, I have a dog to walk and feed, poor Sandy...thank God she likes alone time.

Okay, today, here's what the goals are: 1) get those damn edits into ch. 14 now! 2) finish 39 clues and 20 Boy summer please! 3) Read and comment on Annabelle's opening 2 chapters 4) Send a query out, just to remind yourself how the process works (find appropriate agent, insert pitch, add detail that creates brief bond, review, make sincere prayer, press send).

Back to work...

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