Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reading Blogs

I'm amazed at all the reading blogs there are by readers who seem to do nothing but read (and blog!). I wonder how many writers use these readers/reviewers to get the word out about their own books. Some of these blogs have a strong followings. These blogs also list all the books out there, and wow are there a lot of books floating around, books I've never heard of by writers I've never heard of. I really do need to educate myself. So far in my YA reading, Suzzane Collins is the best writer I've come across. No one else has come close, though Rick Riordan is very clear and funny. I requested "Dirty Little Secrets" from the library. Catherine's neighbor Aaron mentioned it to me and it sounds very interesting (about a girl whose mother, a hoarder, is found dead and is too ashamed to call 911). I'm realizing I have so much to do before the conference in LA, so much to prepare for and think about. I'm excited about the future!

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