Monday, May 31, 2010


A few weeks ago, I attened the Algonkian Writers Conference here in the Bay Area. Michael Neff was very helpful with my pitch, trimming it down and making it tighter. I enjoyed pitching my book in front of a couple of agents. I learned a few things that should be helpful when I go down to LA to pitch my book. One agent will look at my entire manuscript, so that's encouraging. I particularly enjoyed getting to know the other 15 participatants at the workshop. We still keep in touch online. I'm reading some of their stuff now. It's good.

I started work a few weeks ago at a law firm in Oakland. I'm really glad I found a job so close. I was running out of money pretty fast the last month or so. This new job is enjoyable. The people I work with are nice.

I'm now able to download some PokerXFactor videos onto my iPhone. I bought Quicktime this weekend in order to do it.

I read a very good memoir a few weeks ago: The Lost Night, by Rachel Howard. I brought up a desire I've had to write my own memoir, or perhaps an explanation as to how I approach the world and why certain things are so overwhelming for me. I get overwhelmed so easily. I really liked this book a lot. Rachel works out at Club One. I can't wait to run into her again; I have lots of questions to ask her.

I work from 10-7, so getting things done is difficult. I don't socialize much anymore. My weekends are filled with doing my own thing. I wish I had a couple hundred thousand dollars.

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