Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mad Men Kinda Week

Got to show off my PowerPoint skills at work today with a revised presentation for an attorney. She had a 50-slide presentation on Sexual Harassment that she shows every two years. She wanted a new look for her slideshow, and thank goodness for that because what she had was clownish, clunky, and just plain bad. I deleted all the random graphics and replaced them with images from Mad Men. I love the irony of using Mad Men characters to educate supervisors on the do's and dont's of Sexual Harassment in the workplace. I haven't created a PowerPoint slideshow in a while, but this one put my right back in the game.

I emailed seven queries today using my newly revised query letter. Let's see if I get any takers. I can see why this query is so much stronger than the last one I used. I was 0-14 on the last one, so I certainly can't do any worse. At least I'm improving (hopefully).

Talked to Chris tonight for 90 minutes. The longterm goal is getting a script sold and made into a movie. Deja Bride, Grandudes, Botticelli Girl or RetroTherapy, one of these scripts must be sold soon. I want that to happen more than anything.

Annabelle, an Algonkian writer, was the first to finish Julia Milan. She really liked it a lot and her comments made me smile. The ending totally worked for her...yippie!

I'm going to be an E-Force Sponsored Racquetball player. How awesome is that! I love E-Force racquets and look forward to a longlasting relationship with them.

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