Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I played a one-hour cash session on Poker Host this morning. I lost $20, but the session was significant for several reasons. First off, I picked off one of the few bluffs I’ve ever called down online. I was in the small blind and completed. The Big blind checked and the flop was AKT, two spades. It was just the two of us. There as .95 in the pot. I bet out .50 and the bb raised to 2. I thought he was just making a move so I called. The turn was a club 8. I checked and he bet out 3. I called again. The river was a nothing 3. I checked and the bb bet the pot, 10. I thought for a moment. I wondered why the bet was so big. Wouldn’t he just check the pot down if he had an ace or a king. He either flopped a straight or was on a flush draw or was just betting to bet. I wanted to see what he had because I couldn’t put him on any sort of hand, so I called and won the pot. He had Ts8s for the flopped flush with bottom pair. That felt pretty good, picking off a bluff. In my last hand of the day, I had AdJd and raised to 1.5. Two other callers, both behind me. The flop was J84. I bet 2 and was raised to 6. Something felt bad about this hand, either an over pair, a set or something that was going to get all the money in. I wasn’t about to lose my 45 stack to the 3.5 I put in the pot, so I folded. It simply wasn’t worth the gambed. I think that was a good fold. OK, so the reason why I lost $20 today is I actually lost a $50 pot. I had AA utg and the small blind raised it to 6. I flat called and the flop was KT3. The bb bet $11 and I moved all in. The bb called and had flopped a set of Kings. Nothin’ I can do there. All the money’s going in at some point. I thought I had the best hand barring a set. I seem to run into sets a lot.I’m feeling a real wave of creativity lately. Lots of writing ideas. Lots of possibilities. Maybe that’s what Ford Maddox Ford was talking about when he said writers shouldn’t write novels until they’re over 40. I’m over 40. I have been for four years now. I have things to say. I guess it’s time I begin doing what I was trained to do. Write.

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