Monday, October 1, 2007


October 1 and I’m totally focused on my six goals. I sent the first 17 pages of the act 1 draft to Chris this morning. I think it’s pretty good...some fun lines and a nice rapport between Jennifer and Mark. The more I work on this new script the more I like it. That’s a good sign. Over the weekend I played around 4-5 hours of poker on Poker Host. I’m about 10 hours from my $300 bonus. Not bad at all. Getting real close. I’ve been playing heads up and really like the challenge of it. It’s nervewracking but the more I play the better I get. I have to schedule more time for PokerXFactor. I’m real behind in my video viewing.
It’s the 3rd week of my 12-week Body for Life program, and already I can see results in my chest, arms and legs. Yesterday when I worked on my lower body, I was able to lift every weight I had originally assigned to myself. That’s pretty good. If I can do that tomorrow with my arms then I’ll be very impressed.
Last night I sent five or six new messages to women at match. So at the moment I’ve sent 9 or 10 messages. That’s pretty good. If I have a 5-10% success rate with responses, I should start seeing some dates line up soon. That will take care of Goal #6.OK, time to write a little bit before the work starts piling up.

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