Friday, October 5, 2007

Goals for the Weekend

I can learn from those who are so focused and committed to achieving their objectives. I can learn from those who have a true vision of what it is they want to accomplish, then do it, despite setbacks, despite being tired, despite whatever internal voice is whispering to them that they simple won’t make the cut. As I enter my 45th year, turning 44 next week, I realize I’ve spent so much of my life dreaming about making accomplishments but never actually going out and doing it. I set the bar so unrealistically high sometimes that I’ve created an impossible situation for myself. So I much learn to make limitations. Take things one day at a time. Set reasonable goals.
Here are my goals for the weekend in each of the six goals I have set for myself:
1. Body for Life: Weekend Goal: a) Upper body & cardio on Saturday; b) resupply food for the week; c) printouts prepared for the week.
2. Chris and My New Script: Weekend Goal: a) Brainstorm writing session of 90 minutes, all ideas that come to mind. b) 90 minutes on scene with Richard’s mother.
3. Don’s Script: Weekend Goal: a) Create a shelf for Don’s Script. b) Open files. c) Spend 1 hour reading what I have. Let’s see what I have.
4. Poker: Weekend Goal: a) Play any freerolls available; b) update all accounts and create poker account action plan. c) Complete Poker Host bonus.
5. Home Remodel: Weekend Goal: a) Spend 20 minutes in bedroom creating a “Complete List” of what needs to be done to complete the bedroom. b) Remove from Garage all Goodwill items and free items to be sent to Craig’s List.

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