Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Poker Study Day

I spent today studying poker and watching some PokerXFactor videos as well as learning some of the new features on the site. Good stuff. I learned how to resize my PokerXFactor screen so that I can now watch videos and play poker at the same time. Very cool!
I’m thinking of buying a big monitor in order to play a bunch of games at one time. I need to accelerate my win rate and play rate at poker. Truth is I just don’t devote a lot of hours to poker each day. There’s no way I can win if I don’t play more.
My meeting with Chris went well last night. He created a character who I really like, Jennifer’s friend Sylvia, a testicle crusher, bitter and fun. The script is rising.
My racquetball game is off. I’m hitting shots up and away, and my ceiling game is non-existent. The only way to fix it is to practice, practice, practice. I’m itching to play a MTT soon. And study more SNG strategy. And satellite strategy. My new action plan is to play as many of these as possible to get experience in the big tournaments.

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