Monday, November 5, 2007

Post-Daylight Savings

Uncle Chris’s 60th and Louanne’s 60th two weekends ago (before Halloween) was quite the family bash. Bob & Alice, Chris & Elizabeth, Mom, Leo & Louanne, were all there. Gwen & Mathew were there. Kim & Kevin threw the party. Lots of fun. I, unfortunately, had a major eye issue that really bothered me all weekend long. In fact, I later discovered my eye was infected. Couldn’t sleep at all Friday-Monday. It was horrible. Felt like I had a piece of glass stuck in my eye. I was fine Fri night, but Saturday morning I was a wreck. I couldn’t see well, my eye was extremely sensitive to light, and I felt horrible. I actually ended up sleeping at the Benicia Best Western from 10-3:30. I felt better after sleeping. I showered, got ready and took a limo with the gang to Kim & Kevin’s. Nice place. All decked out. Great food, fully catered. I had some great talks with Mathew and Gwen about family, life, etc. Gwen wasn’t drinking, and hasn’t been for over a month. She’s still taking her pills. Acts aggressive now and then. Good times all around. Mom was here a few days before. We saw Michael Clayton, which I liked very much. Strong film. Mom, Gwen and Mathew left Monday. I went to the eye doctor Tuesday morning. Dr. Horn gave me antibiotic eye drops that helped a lot. It’s been a week now and my eyes are almost good as new. I still have to be careful. Keep those eyes wet and use the Refresh PM.

Halloween was a great success again. We did a magician’s them this year and Rick was the star: “Welcome to my House of Magic.” Richard’s opening was killer. First rate! I loved it. I think we had more folks seeing the show this year than any other year we’ve put on H skits. Richard is a genius at these things. The special effects this year were truly fantastic!

Writing idea: Memoir: Romanticholic: Confessions of a Hopeless(ly lost) Romantic. It’s the story of my life, what I’d created thus far, all the failures, all the really awful failures, and all the silly stupid ridiculous cowardly things that make up my life. So sad. So pathetic. And oh so real. You can’t make this stuff up unless you’re crazy. I’m not crazy, but I do have issues.

Went to my first Cal game over the weekend, against WSU. Of course I was cheering for the Cougs. They lost by 3 but made the game exciting. I hadn’t seen Cappy in years, but he looks great and is lots of fun to hang around. His girlfriend Annette is cute and sweet and smart.

Sandy is doing well. She hasn’t had any hip issues in a while, and the new prescription diet dog food she’s been on has ready helped stabilize her digession.

My apartment is starting to look very good. My bedroom is now officially nothing more than a bedroom. No desk. No clutter. Just a clear space to sleep and change. It’s nice. I ordered cable the other day and now I have DVR to record shows. It’s basically a life changer. No more VCR. It was time to do that.

The racquetball league has started up and everyone is after me. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I’m working out, increasing my endurance, pumping iron, and hitting the ball very hard. Can I possibly win my 4th straight singles league in-a-row? A few players are saying no way.
I’m using the hand analyzer at PokerXFactor and it’s a very good way to learn how to play and improve one’s game. I don’t know why I feel so unlucky in poker, but I do. I feel I just don’t have any luck at all. It’s difficult to get out of that mindset. The number of 3-outers and 5 outers I lose to on the river is really amazing to me. I’m really good at getting it in with the best of it and losing. It’s rare that the reverse happens, but it did yesterday twice. What a surprise. Anyway, I’m studying the game big time.

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