Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another Shutout at Craig's

Poker at Craig’s: Another losing night, now five or six in-a-row. I can’t even make the final table anymore. Have I become too predictable? Too tight? I was playing six-handed with Jeff, John, Leo, Craig and Than. The table was very loose aggressive, with lots of big raises early in the evening. With 5/10 blinds the standard raise was 75 (7x bb!). It was ridiculous. I did catch some hands early on. With 44 on the button and three other players I flopped a set with an Ace. Another Ace came on the turn and Craig was disciplined enough to fold trips on the river after I pushed all in. I did get him later on though with my QTs in the bb. The flop was QQ5 and I raised Craig’s post-flop bet. He called. I went all in and Craig didn’t believe me. I think my earlier play had led him to believe I was bullying him around. That was about the last hand I won. After the break, with around 2400 in chips, the blinds ate away at me and whenever I was down to around 1400-1500 I pushed all in with whatever I had. I did this three or four times without a call. When the blinds were 100/200 with 25 ante, I pushed with A2 on the button and Craig called with 99. I lost and was out 9th. Another disappointing night of cards. I don’t remember any big mistakes. I folded KQ several times to a pre-flop raise. Other than that, simply card dead.Getting ready to go on a major writing splurge. I’ve learned something about myself this past year: it’s easier for me to stay busy when I have several projects going on at the same time. I find it more difficult to stick with just one project at a time.

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