Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I played my final summer racquetball match last Monday against Rod G., a third-seeded player who upset Steve. B in the semis. I felt good going into the match, not to nervous and felt focused. Unfortunately, I started off tentative and cold. My shots kept going up, and that’s been a problem with me all year. My shots keep staying up. The first half of the match Rod was simply beating me. He shots were more accurate and more precise. I was playing scared and all the morning crew watching could tell. They told me I was playing Rod’s game instead of Rod playing my game. I had dug myself into a 6-12 hole and it looked as though I was going to lose the first game. But I’d been here before with Tyrone last Winter. I just focused on one point at a time and decided to mix up my serves. I scored two points quickly, then a third before Rod called time out. I scored two more points before losing serve. I won the serve immediately and won four more points to take the first game (15-12). The second game was much easier (15-5). I won the match and took home my third championship singles trophy in-a-row. Now I’m taking some time off and resting my body.

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