Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Secret

I've been reading and watching all sorts of positive life affirming books and DVDs. The Secret is one. I was curious to see what all the pop hype was about. So I watched the DVD. The message is simple enough: the law of attraction is the one law governing people's lives. What people think is often what they will receive. Thoughts become things. In a way, I have experienced that in my own life. I have always seen my ability to publish, sell something, or make money as unattainable and beyond my life experience. After watching The Secret, I tried thinking of only positive thoughts for a day or two. It was difficult. I've been programmed to accept defeat and failure, to anticipate the worst river cards. Sometimes those river cards come up and I'm in a strange way validating my pessimism. I must train myself to think the other way, to expect the blanks to hit. I've been reminding myself what I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for so many things: a job I enjoy that allows me time to think and learn and write, a family I love, a roof over my head and sweet car to drive, some money to buy things I enjoy. It's a simple life, but I like it that way. I'm a simple person.

One concept from The Secret is this: set a goal so large that if you achieve it it'll blow you away.

Okay, here are two goals:

1. Make $20,000 playing poker.
2. Finish "Soulmate" and "Making a Prophet."

Now get to work!

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