Thursday, September 6, 2007

At Mom's

I spent six days in Bellingham at Mom’s, playing cribbage and online poker, watching movies and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. I love lounging in Bellingham. For the first time I could see myself moving back. I need to make a big score, however. Doable. Very. I’m in such a good place right now. I feel really good about myself and my prospects. I’ve turned into a pretty good poker player. I may not be the luckiest player around, but I usually know what’s going on at the table. I played at the Nooksack once and lost around $170. The players were extremely loose and gambly. Very aggressive and had lots of bluff to them. I didn’t pick up much in the way of cards, but I did trap someone with a set. Other than that, I was in fold mold. At mom’s I played poker online and was able to build my Poker Host account to above $900. It began at $300 and was down to $220 at one point. Two weeks ago it was down to A$550. There was one day at mom’s where I lost around $120 to three sets in-a-row. I had overpairs in two cases and trip 9s on the third case. Brutal. I picked up a set of golf clubs in Bellingham. Dad gave me a set of Nike’s. Sweet! We had a great day together. I feel as though I can hang with Dad and just be. That’s a nice feeling. I’d like to actually get good at golf so Dad and I can play a few rounds together. I think he’d love that. I would like to get fairly decent at the game though. Unfortunately, I’m not very good. It’s a difficult game. But I did manage to get good at racquetball. I can get good at golf, too. Mom, Craig, Craig’s son-in-law Mark and Mark’s son Jake and I played 9 holes at the Country Club. It was lots of fun. I played horribly, but had a few nice shots. My favorite golf score was 8.

This weekend I’m heading out to Las Vegas for the weekend. Should be interesting. I’ve never been more prepared for the no limit tables than I am now. I feel I at least know how to play no limit and know what to do in certain situations. I’m expecting good things to happen. I leave tonight after work.

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