Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's the end of the month, which means I'm freaking out about money again. Well, not so much this month, but by spring I'll be in full-on panic mode. With unemployment running out and no job prospects in sight, I'm going to have to hope I get lucky or find someone who sees the potential to make money with the new series. I looked at web sites today and secured I'm thinking of ways to promote the book before the book's even in bookstores. The more buzz the better. I wonder how many copies the story will sell? I'm thinking of 30-minute talks I can give to students at schools throughout California and Washington. I'm thinking of the stage presence I'll have. Gwen's helping me already. That's good, because she's full of great ideas.

I'm reading lots of young adult fiction and web blogs. Time and EW. Watched three episodes of Big Love last night at Rossana's. Not my favorite show, but certainly interesting. Lots of chaos. Started season 2 of Damages and love it! Now that's a show I can get into. 24 tomorrow night. The season's off to a great start.

Poker...I played very little in January. Too busy getting back into the writing swing of things and organizing all my belongings. There's something very therapeutic about organizing my stuff. I never get tired of it.

Agents blogs. They're great. What a wonderful resource. I've been working on my query letter. I wish I had more to say about myself. There's isn't much to brag about, unfortunately.

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