Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moving Forward

I'm wrapping up a final round of additions, deletions, and revisions to the book. I gave the manuscript to about thirty readers from ages 8 to 70. The feedback was very helpful. The book feels solid and sets up several cliffhangers for book 2. Of the first four books in the series, the second book is going to be the one that blows things wide open. Life is good. I've never been happier and more at ease with things. I keep a low profile and low overhead, and that works for me. I'm excited about the future and cultivating a personality in the young adult world. I've jotted down a few 30-minute talks to elementary and middle school kids that I think they'll enjoy. The next few years are going to be a lot of fun!

Today I had lunch with Mike K., Jim W., and Tracey, three members of the screenwriting group I used to belong to. We first got together eight years ago through a UC Extension course. I can't believe it's been eight years. The spec market for scripts seems a bit impenetrable. We'll see if my longterm strategy pays off. It was wonderful spending a few hours with the old gang. No one's written anything new. Jim's sending out scripts this year, hoping for an option from someone in LA. It's a tough business. Rochelle mentioned she's no longer writing but instead raising two children. It was nice hearing from her.

Almost the end of January. I'm beginning to feel the pressure of having no money. It's a drag, but what am I gonna do. When the rewrite's done and the queries are out, I'll hit my poker studies for a month.

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