Friday, November 9, 2007

Full Tilt Strategy Guide

Kevin is in town this weekend, and we’re hitting the card tables real hard. I haven’t been playing much live, so I feel my live game is rusty. My online game has improved a lot I feel. I could use more time studying videos and my own game through the player analyzer.

I reread the Howard Lederer’s chapter on “Leverage” in the Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide. What a great chapter. I don’t use leverage enough. I will be mixing it up a bit more, trying new things. I’ve been reading some hand history comments on PokerXFactor and in particular placing my hand histories on the site for analysis. PokerXFactor is a wonderful service for players like me and I hope to reap the rewards of my study there by winning a big tourney soon.

I plan to study Annette_15’s hand histories this coming week. She’s on the cover of Card Player Magazine....After reading two chapters from Full Tilt’s strategy guide, I fell I’ve fallen back on my ultra-conservative playing style, waiting for premium hands and not getting too involved in pots. True, I’ve had some bad beats lately, but I also think I’m not mixing it up enough and not getting paid off enough when I actually have a good hand. That’s the trouble with LAG players who have no trouble putting their chips in the pot. They are dangerous and will withstand raises, reraises and the like. It’s hard to know what they have. True, though, the tables I play are filled with not-very-good players who will call anything, so it’s tough to bluff them.

The Full Tilt Strategy Guide is excellent. I plan to read the book cover-to-cover again. Great stuff!

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