Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kevin's Poker Visit

Kevin visited over the weekend. A short visit. He delivered a paper at a conference in San Francisco, but stayed with me all weekend. We had our usual great time, though I have to say he crushed me in cribbage. I took my revenge in pitch. Poker was an altogether different story. We played at the Oaks for a few hours Thursday night. I ended up down $31. Kevin was down $18. We also played no limit at the Casino San Pablo Saturday afternoon. We started with limit poker while on the waiting list for no limit. I lost $120 in limit. I didn't win one hand. One of the last remaining hands I was in I had AJ and the flop was AKx. A two came on the river and a guy with K2 called me down. What a joke. No limit was a different story. I waited forever for a hand. Finally, with A9s in late position, five folks checked a limped flop of A24. The button, an old guy who is very loose, bet $20, I pushed him all in, and he called with A6. Then came my big hand. I had AA and limped in early position. The same guy bet $20 and four people called. I pushed all in for $160. Two callers. My Aces held and I was up around $400. I remained up $460 for the rest of the night. There was a bad beat at our table as well, which means the table won $150. Unfortunately, Kevin didn't fair so well. He lost $360 total on some horrendous river beats and two mistakes that cost him around $200.

I was happy with my no limit play, considering my cards were cold and I didn't play much. I'm a very tight player. I'd like to loosen up my image a bit so that I can be really dangerous.

A new week, let's make things happen this week!

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