Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Tourney Lost

I played in a $50 rebuy tournament on Sportsbet yesterday, having won a satellite into the event. I ended up playing $100 for 1 rebuy and 1 add-on. In the first hour I had AA, JJ and 45s which won some nice pots. I had 8k in chips after the first break. 45 hands were dealt. In the second hour I managed to increase my chip stack to 17k in chips. My big had was my set of 4s against top pair. I also hit another set of fours when AA limped in to my bb. I had 74 and the flop was 844. That was a nice double-up. The third hour was just unlucky and unfortunate. I lost a nice size pot on the river to a queen, and with 11k in chips pushed all in with 77. The sb called with AT and back-doored a wheel. It was frustrating as I was only 14 spots away from the money. I thought I played well though. The players on Cake/Sportsbet are not very good.

I bought a new computer screen that I'm trying out. It's 22 inches, a ViewSonic. I think I'm going to return it though. I want one of those glossy HP screens. If they aren't that much more, I think I'm going to get one.

I've been depressed of late, and those old voice have returned in my head. So I have to be careful with myself, protect myself from getting too bogged down and sad. There are lots of things going well in my life right now. I just need to be patient, continue to work hard, do what I need to do and relax, take things easy and think things through. Poker has so many wonderful qualities to it, but it's sure taxing when you get knocked out on the river. I really hate that, especially in a tournament in which the payout is pretty large.

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