Sunday, October 24, 2010

SCBWI Regional Conference & Halloween Prep

Yesterday, I attended the SCBWI Regional Conference from 8-5 at Mills College. I listened to some interesting, inspiring speakers, caught up with a few members I knew, and left wondering if I would ever find representation. I’ll send my stuff to the two agents who were in attendance, but I’m really beginning to wonder if anyone in the industry will see the potential for Julia Milan. I’ll play out my current strategy through the remaining agents and agencies that I haven’t mailed a query to, but based on what I’ve received from the agents I have contacted, my story isn’t striking a chord, nor is it interesting enough to invite a partial. This is really surprising to me. I may have to come up with another novel to write that’s entirely different, but the problem with that is I have no idea what sort of angle to go. I wrote the best book I could write with enough suspense and intrigue to keep the pages turning. Maybe I’ve out-thought my entry into the game. I just don’t know. All I can do is keep going.

Went out several times this week and it was so good for me. After last week’s debacle, I’ve learned not to say anything about myself until I actually meet someone face-to-face. Less is more and I keep forgetting that. Anyway, I still feel badly about my ridiculous lack of boundaries, but at least I’m learning from my mistakes and staying positive. I met someone today in San Francisco who was very charming and sweet. I really enjoyed our conversation. I hope to see her again.

Off to read a few more pages of “Freedom.” I’m really enjoying this book.

It’s a new week and I’m excited about the possibilities.

Oh, the Halloween effect this year is going to be killer! Richard has outdone himself again!

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