Friday, October 22, 2010

Redwood City

I went to Redwood City last night and had a very enjoyable evening. I needed that. I forget sometimes how overwhelming I can be, how in-my-own-head I can appear to outsiders, and last night it was just me being myself without any need to appear overtly special or interesting. It’s not the natural place I go because I feel so flat and boring when I’m there, but the payoff is an effortless, enjoyable evening in which someone is actually smiling at me instead of terrified or annoyed. What a month this has been. At least I’m learning from my colossal mistakes and poor decision making. Redwood City has a very charming downtown with two theatres and several hip places to hang out. I hope to go there again. There is a very interesting pub called “The Living Room” on Broadway that’s filled with old couches and lounge chairs. It looks very cool.

Tomorrow I’m attending an all-day SCBWI conference at Mills College from 7:45 to 5, then in the evening I’ll help Richard with Halloween tasks. It’s been non-stop since returning from Arizona. I need a day to just chill, relax, reflect and unwind.

It rained this morning so I took the bus to work. Annette, Richard & Lisa’s neighbor, was at the bus stop, so we had a wonderful 20-minute conversation about books. She insisted I read “The Book Thief,” saying it was one of the most original, amazing books she’s ever read. It’s on my list, along with “The Help” and about 20 other titles. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

I must devote at least two hours this weekend for some poker study. I miss not playing that game and feel my poker skills are eroding. This is not good. I love that game but don’t have much time to play. In a strange sort of way that game helps center me.

I can’t wait for next week’s yoga session. I’m doing yoga once a week for a month, and if I keep liking it I’ll bump it up to twice a week. My body is in super shape right now and if I can keep from getting any injuries through March, I’ll be very happy.

Okay, I’m off to send out more queries. I’m at 87 right now, and I shouldn’t rest until I have 150 sent out.

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