Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Query

So I've written an updated query letter that clarifies some of the plotlines in my novel. I'm not sure if it's any better, but at least it's different. I took out the Twilight Zone and Nancy Drew reference and changed mystery to novel. I think it reads better, though I'm still not happy with it. Chapter 12 needs more work than I thought. I need to make some small changes to it. I'm almost done with the rewrite. I'm looking forward to moving on. I wasn't as productive today as I'd like to be, but I'm hoping tomorrow I'll get a lot accomplished. I have a big match tomorrow with Steve. I really want to win so that Tyrone, Tom and I battle it out for the number one seed. I should beat Steve tomorrow if I play smart, play my game, avoid making mistakes and keep the ball low. That's the key, keeping the ball low. Keep my serves low and my attitude strong!

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