Saturday, March 6, 2010

Academy Awards Tomorrow

I've been watching a few poker videos on xFactor and learning all sorts of things. Dbl-Dave's style is much different from Pearljammer's. Much different. Pot odds are rarely if ever discussed. It's all about push-fold considerations and fold equity. Good stuff. I played a few tourneys tonight and bombed out early. No cards and ran into ugly situations. Blah!

Revised chapter 11 today. I have five chapters left to go over. The rewrite is good. I'm also revising my query letter and bringing out more of the realistic side of the story. I'm not sure the Twilight Zone aspect of the good plays well in a query. I'm not sure. I've received 3 nos so far and no requests for early chapters. Oh well.

March is going by quickly. This Wednesday I have a big match against Steve and I'm determined to play well against him. We always have strong games. I'm practicing hard tomorrow morning at the gym, doing my routine and practicing shots.

My back hurts today. I wonder if it's the way I sit in my chair while playing poker. Probably. I'm feeling a slight pain on my lefthand side, right in the middle of my back. Hmm. Getting old blows.

I've seen very few movies this year. What's up with that?

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