Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday and I'm Happy

Life just feels better with Celebrity Apprentice on. That show is so twisted and dysfunctional, but I love train wrecks with bullies. I'm glad Cindi L. survived the boardroom, but Carol L. was railroaded. Too bad, because I liked her. Let's get real, she was axed because she wasn't a model. The moment the guys lose, Rod B. is history. Here's a guy who has no idea how he's perceived by others. If he lasts longer than three boardrooms, I'll be extremely impressed. Sharon O. is the odds on favorite. Betting against her would be foolish. She has the Joan R. been there done that big picture thing going on. Her team won't want to lose her.

My rewrite is done and I'm glad. The book feels strong. Now if I can only get an agent to read it. I signed up for a week-long novel workshop in May. I think it will be helpful to meet folks and brainstorm strategies for getting the word out. The faster I get this book out, the faster I can begin my promoting and marketing. I'm looking forward to the whole shebang.

I have a huge playoff match against Tom next week. He'll be ready for me, but I've been practicing. I just have to keep my shots down and attitude in check. It also wouldn't hurt to practice my serves.

I'll be playing some poker tonight and during the weekend. Looking forward to it.

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