Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poker Poker Poker!

With my latest rewrite behind me, it's time to hit the felt. I haven't played much poker this past year, and yet the break, in a strange way, has made me a better player. I'd like to focus on SNG strategy, study SitNGo Wiz and watch all of sheets' videos. on XFactor. I have yet to make a significant score online and I'm certainly due. I haven't had a good run ever and coinflips in crucial late-stage spots always seem to go against me, so perhaps in the next month or two I can turn the tables around. I should get out what I put into the game. We'll see how it works. I've been somewhat successful on Cake, where the players aren't as strong as those on PokerStars. I can't seem to win on Stars, and perhaps it's a combination of bad luck and bad play. Making better decisions should increase my EV. I'll need to play more games though.

My rewrite is done for the most part. The book is where it is. My query has received no positive response from anyone so far, and that's chipping away at my confidence, unfortuantely. I'm tweeking the query and changing things up a bit, bringing more snap to the language and making the storyline a little more interesting. It's all a big mystery though. Contacts is the way to go, and right now I have none. As long as I stay positive and send out more queries, something should happen down the road.

Steve K. was in town over the weekend and last night. He attended a chemistry convention in SF. It was great hanging out with him. He makes me laugh so much!

I actually went on a date last Thursday, my first in many months. I had fun. We ran several miles. She's a marathon runner. She was very nice.

I talked with Jill and Gwen last night about some family issues. It was a good conversation.

Is it really March 24 already? That's so crazy. Brenda and Jack will be here in less than four weeks. Wow. I hope my place isn't too uncomfortable for them. It's going to be fairly tight.

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