Saturday, February 14, 2009

Two- and Three-Outers

Those two- and three-outers are real killers. I don't do well when I lose contest after contest holding cards that have my opponent dominated, and yet they suck out on their three-outer. Or worse, when I have them dominated with an overpair and they get their miracle set. That seems to happen so often. I've had a losing week this week in poker, but I guess part of the skill set in cards is accepting these weeks while still trying to play the best poker possible. The players at the Oaks are not very good, but that $4 rake really affects play, especially in the late positions when no one has entered the pot. The rake really adds up. I've been playing a little bit online, but I don't feel as comfortable playing nl online. It's more difficult for me. I could do a better job of reading players when I'm in hands. I still tend to pay more attention to my own cards.

When I return from Seattle on Monday, I plan to play a consistent amount of cards. Then there's the WSOP, which I really want to try and win a seat for this year.

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