Monday, February 9, 2009

NL Cash Games

I played a session at the Oaks two days ago. It was my first session of the year playing live. I won $136 and thought I played well, but lacked focus for such a short amount of time. I only played 3.5 hours or so, but found it difficult to focus on the players. This is a skill I should develop. I had a couple of very interesting hands. One involved A3s (spades) and three spades floped, 679. Two other player were in and I was on the button. The first player checked, the second player bet $15, I called, and the big blind called. The turn was a blank 2. The blind checked, the second player bet $20, and here I wasn't exactly sure what I should do. Do I raise, do I call, what exactly is my optimum play? I decided to call, and the big blind called as well. The river did not pair the board and I had the nuts. Both players checked and I bet $35, a small value bet in a $105 pot. I got one called and took down a nice little pot. Did the second player have a set? If I had gone all in, I would have run roughly as much as smooth calling turn, but might have folded on the river had he gone all in with the paired board. Interesting hand. I play again tonight and will be playing more on the evenings to gain experience and win money.

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