Thursday, December 6, 2007

Overcoming That Losing Mentality

I've been losing in poker and one of the more challenging aspects of the game is staying positive and confident when you can't win a pot. I begin to question my abilities and wonder if I'm any good at a game I've spent so many hours playing and studying. Last night at Craig's freeroll, I was in pretty good position with around 2000 in chips (started with 1300). I was dealt QQ in the sb. John went all in for his last 300. I raised to 1000 so Johnny wouldn't enter the pot. Johnny, however, went all in and I was forced to call. He had AA. It was the second time he had aces. Unbelieveable. That perfectly captures what has been happening to me this month. Anyway, I was knocked out. Really disappointing. My one big mistake was leaving the table without making sure Johnny had me covered. I realized after I was in the car that it might have been possible that Johnny didn't have as many chips as I had. He had lost a few pots. Anyway, that hand depressed me. I've been playing 1/2 limit poker on Stars to build up practice and perhaps going for the SuperNova elite status. I'm a big loser in the 1/2 game so far. Granted, I've only played 650 hands or so, but it's amazing to me how often I lose. My AA and KK can't win. Suckouts right and left. It's really getting me down. I think I make pretty good decisions when I play limit, but for some reason I feel as though the players can see right through me. I'm a fairly conservative player, but whenever I shoot back, I shoot back at a big hand. I'm hitting the books hard and trying to mix up my game. I need a strong poker weekend so I don't lose all my confidence. If I can lose and still believe in myself and my poker abilities, that would be a great thing. In poker, it's the long run, and I need to remember that. The swing will come my way eventually.

I'm attending a couple of parties over the weekend. Should be a lot of fun. Dorian's hosting a big Christmas party and Reed Smith's Christmas party is on Saturday. People don't call it a Christmas party anymore. It's now a holiday party.

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