Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bad Mood

I was in a fairly bad mood yesterday. Feeling very negative, probably due to my losing session the night before. I have a bad habit of believing I'm very unlucky in poker. Actually, perhaps 25-30% of my loses the night before were due to bad play. I can be a calling station when there's no reason to engage in a hand after the flop. My pride sometimes gets in the way. Playing 12 tables is challenging. Playing correctly against certain opponents is also difficult with so many other tables going on. The big negative is I don't get to see the action with hands I'm not involved in. But with PokerTracker I can study the plays players make. PokerTracker is a pretty amazing program. I hope it pays for itself many times over.

Christmas is coming and I'm quickly mailing out packages and gifts. All of my mailing is finished. Now I have to buy gifts for people hear in the Bay Area and have a few gifts onhand for friends in B'ham. Perhaps a gift exchange will be in the works.

I've created my to do list for the day and plan to stay very focused and busy. It's about the only thing that keeps me from wasting large amounts of time. Goals are key. Meeting daily goals. I sometimes forget about the steps involved in traveling great distances.

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