Tuesday, January 30, 2007

To Do Lists

From last Friday to this morning I somehow completed 30 hours worth of chores and activities. My latest time management scheme worked. I’m always fighting with time. No matter how quickly I finish something, I always feel I’m wasting time. This is another aspect of my mental illness. I’m the kind of person who yearns to be doing whatever I’m not doing at the present moment, even if the present activity is a top priority. I’ve always been this way, so I have to devise new strategies to feel good about what I’m doing. My latest scheme is creating a long list of 1-hour tasks I would like to complete, then doing them in whatever order I’d like. It worked last weekend so I’ll try it again this week. Every activity I’d like to do goes on the list: watching movies, playing poker, studying, reading, cleaning, updating my finances. It’s all on the list. Crazy but effective.

With January nearly behind me, I need a few goals for February. My bedroom is painted and the closet is now organized with a great wire shelf system from Rubbermaid called Configurations. I looks good, works well, and is reasonably priced. The entire system was under $250. Now I’m assigning zones to everything I own. It takes time, but it’s worth it. I’d like to have a clean, clutter-free apartment that looks and feels beautiful. That’s the goal. I’m getting there slowly but surely. If I can remove the clutter and the storage stuff in the living space and create an aesthetically pleasing look, the Queer Eye décor that looks so good, I think that would be a tremendous accomplishment. I’m so into functionality and order in my living space. Now I’m focusing on a pleasing setting, something that looks fun and welcoming.

Poker: I plan to play a lot more poker in February. I’ve played very little this month, mainly because I’m remodeling my apartment.

Screenwriting: I have one huge project that I’m been putting off for the longest time, the rewrite of Making a Prophet. This is the next big task on my list, rewriting this script and sending it to Don. Then I can focus on the new script Chris and I are composing, and also the poker script I’ve been wanting to put together.

Racquetball: I have three more matches to play this season before the playoffs begin. I plan to win a first round bye and play either Steve, Scott or Rod G. in the semi’s. Most likely it will be me and Aaron in the finals. Aaron is a great player and fierce competitor. I have two weeks to suddenly become stronger, faster, and better. I’m thinking about calling Gerry Price, a fantastic tournament pro, for a quick lesson about court position, proper form and serves against superior opponents. I’d also like to talk about second serves and lob serves with Gerry. I need to work on my consistency, especially when I have setup shots. I also need to keep my passing shots down.

I saw The Phiadelphia Story this morning as part of an assignment between me and Chris for our latest screenplay. I have seen this film in years. Wow. What a masterpiece. 4 stars now and forever. So witty and smart. So engaging. I love this film.

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