Tuesday, January 2, 2007

3 Hours Late

I set the alarm for 5 but climbed out of bed at 8. Not an inspired way to begin ’07. I picked up my fancy reading glasses at 9:45 and they will only be used for reading since I can’t even see a computer screen with these on. I can read clear with them, however, which is why I bought them in the first place. Should I have gotten bifocals?

I had intended to create a scene for my Making a Prophet rewrite, but didn’t. I dread this project but am committed to complete it. I don’t know why I have so little confidence in it. Just take one scene at a time, write it, rewrite it, and move on. That’s my game plan. I can do this rewrite.

I read a few pages from the Tao of Poker tonight, and the first 30 pages from The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I didn’t know the English language sounded the way McCarthy writes. It’s really original writing, clean, clear, and authentic. I can see why everyone’s buzzing.

My car should be ready by tomorrow. I drive a 2006 MINI Convertible, pepper white, my dream car. While turning left onto Grand Ave from the off ramp last November, a young Asian woman in a white 740 BMW sedan did not notice the red light and ran into me, crushing the driver’s side door. I was lucky. I wasn’t hurt at all, but my MINI sustained about $4800 in damage. It took some time to straighten everything out with the insurance folks, but I think everything is taken care of now. The other party assumed liability, and my $500 deductible will be mailed to me tomorrow. My rental car fees will also be reimbursed. What a pain. I hope I never have to go through this again.

I have lots of energy, which is typical for me in January. I hope it continues. I’ll need it if I plan to finish Prophet and play poker and date and play racquetball and read my new Christmas books. I plan to use my time wisely this year. No more wasting away on the couch watching braindead TV shows that feel more like commercials with bits of show stuffed in the middle. Will commercial TV ever become obsolete? Who watches commercials anymore?

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