Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bedroom Paint

Once I begin a task, momentum often carries me to completion. But lately there have been days in which I have little energy and lack motivation. Finding energy to complete tasks has always been a struggle. I first big task of the year is painting my bedroom and converting the closet into something space smart and cool. I emptied my bedroom on Monday the 8th, and began painting the next day (rope and nonpareil are the colors my sister, an interior designer, picked out...nice!). As a result, I’ve been living in chaos the past two weeks. The painting part is now finished (relief!) and next is the closet organizer. I bought a system by Rubbermaid called Configurations. It looks perfect for my needs. I’ll find out how well it works tonight when I attached the brackets and shelves to the wall.

It will be so nice to have a real bedroom for once. Throughout my life, I’ve had a desk near my bed. My bedroom and office/study were the same thing. Now it’s a bedroom and only a bedroom. This is another influence of Linda. I kept a few great ideas from her.

Soon, pictures will hang on my walls again. I’ve been without pictures on my walls for over 18 months. That’s when I painted my living room and dining room. This apartment remodel has taken a lot of time. No wonder few people change their living situation after 40. It takes forever.

Funny thing about energy. At first it’s hard to keep motivated, but once you plow through the resistance, completing the project becomes routine. For the past several days I’ve had a great deal of energy and have remained focused on completing my remodel. It helps that the monster is visiting in a few days. The monster is monsterP, my friend Jeff Parcher who I’ve known since 6th grade. Like me, he loves games and plays to win. He’s ultra competitive and a enormously fun to be around. He’s had a lot of success playing poker the past four years, and he’s one of the big reasons why I’ve become so fascinated with the game. He’s spending the weekend at Napa with his wife and her parents, then staying at my place for a night before heading to Vegas. We’ll most likely head out to the Casino San Pablo for a little no limit session.

The last time I played no limit at the San Pablo, I lost about $150 or so. I got my money in good but came up short on the river most of the time. In one hand, I had an overpair (9s) to someone’s top pair (8s), but they hit trip 8s on the river. Nothing I can do about that. .

Saw “Notes on a Scandal” last weekend and loved it. Brilliant little film, really rang true (except for the part where the male teacher comes over to Barbara Covett’s flat and confides his affection for Sheba). The acting is top notch, and the music score by Phillip Glass is simply sublime. I loved this great flick!

Poker After Dark: I enjoy this show a lot. I always find it helpful to watch the pros play poker and see what they do, especially when the inevitable coin-flip decisions come up. They are impressive to watch, especially when they make bold plays that take into account the odds of their opponent being able to call. Impressive. Week 2 was particularly good with Daniel Negreanu, Gabe Kaplan, Jerry Buss, Mike the Mouth, David Grey, and Doyle. Shana needs to do more. Her place in the show is too limited it seems.

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