Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

I just finished Julian Barne’s The Sense of an Ending.  The line that most struck me was toward the end in which Tony writes that back when he was young a man married a woman he got pregnant who didn't abort the child because that was the rule.  The themes in this short book are similar to a book I plan to write this year about my first 11 years from 1963-1975.  I liked The Sense of an Ending.

Today was relaxing.  Alice and I began our day at Starbuck’s and Noah’s Bagels on Lakeshore, then drove to her house in the Sunset district around 10.  I talked to Jill, Dad and Gwen on FaceTime.  Later in the afternoon I talked to Steve and Judy.  FaceTime is becoming my default phone.   I love it.  The telephone never did anything for me, but facing the person I’m talking to makes all the difference.

Tomorrow, Alice and I fly to Vancouver to visit Chris and Elizabeth.  It’s going to be one of those magical five-day trips that I’ll always refer to for the next couple of decades.  The weather will be cold but clear.  Rain comes Saturday.

Just saw on my iPad that the House passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff.  All that drama for passage in the midnight hour.  Way to go, Congress.  I hope and pray the next generation of leaders are more mature and responsible than what we’ve had to endure these past few years.  It’s difficult for me to even read about them without rolling my eyes.  They couldn’t come up with a solution in early December because that would have been way too practical.  Nope, they had to wait until the last minute to pen a deal.  It’s stunning to me how much unnecessary drama and chaos there is out there for no reason.

Anyway, I have a lot of material to write about this year.  Austin15 and No Sweat are my first two projects for 2013.

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