Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vancouver Days 3 and 4

Friday:  Chris and I had a short writing session in revitalized new shopping center in New Westminster while Alice and Elizabeth walked through the various shops and boutiques.    We also had lunch there...Alice and I had beef brisket and chips.  Very good.  I also ordered a Golden Autumn Oolong tea and bought $20 worth to take home.  After New Westminster, we settled home for a few hours before heading out to a Chinese restaurant to meet Alice's cousin Florence and her husband Howie.  We met them at 7 and had a delicious meal that included Winter Mellon Soup, a duck dish, general's chicken, rice, a sizzling beef dish and green beans.  Afterward, we went to Florence and Howie's house for another hour or so of socializing.  They are very pleasant people.  Like Chris, Howie has lived in Vancouver all his life.

Day 4 - Chris and I brainstormed for a few hours in the morning before we all headed out to UBC where I walked around the clusters and saw the house I lived in when I was 4-5.

We also saw the apartment complex I lived in on Toronto Road when I was 3-4.

The Clusters are either being torn down or renovated.  It's unclear exactly what's happening to them.  They're surrounded by blue fence.  Chris showed us his former office at the UBC Alumni Center (Cecil Green Building...very nice), and we went shopping around his old stomping ground near 12th Ave.  Chris Jr. and Natalie came over for dinner.

It was wonderful seeing them.  We'll see them again tonight after the Hawks Redskins game.  

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