Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tristan's Graduation Party

I'm in Seattle for Tristan's graduation celebration. The party last night was very enjoyable. About 30 people were at Gwen's. I played some bridge and pinochle with Neal and his kids Ryan and Kara. That was a treat. Earlier in the day, I went over to Neal's for breakfast. I ended up staying there for six hours. We played a great game called Dominion. I really like this game!

Tristan brought a few of his friends over and it was really nice to have everyone share stories and celebrate his considerable accomplishments. I hope he thrives at Chapman.

This morning I read through chapter four. I won't make any substantial changes to any of the scenes; however, I can sure see bringing the smoothness of the writing up another level. The diary entries are good. Thank you, Anne Frank!

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