Friday, June 10, 2011

AA Playoffs

The seeds are set for the Summer 2011 Club One Singles League Finals. I'll play the winner of Harry and Gary, and Tyrone and Steve will battle each other for a spot in the finals. I predict Harry will overcome Gary, though Steve thinks Gary's been hot lately. Gary's tough to pin down so I didn't play him in the regular season. Harry can be dangerous, but makes a lot of mental errors and leaves the ball up too much. Gary is his own worst enemy. I should be able to beat either player and advance to the finals, though anything can happen in the semis. My game plan next weeek is to practice, practice, practice, think through my shots and play Tyrone in a ladder match on Friday (playing as if our Friday match were a semi-final match). I'll have a little more than a week to prepare. I want my 3peat!

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