Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'd like to officially welcome my first two followers to Reel Writing, Leslie and D.U.O. You two were here at the begining, before the stadium noise, before the egomania and fame rage, before the name dropping and insufferable podium advice those livin' the dream love to give to the aspiring rest of us. After this blog I'm visiting your blogs if you have them and posting something momentarily meaningful.

Tonight I'm in Eureka on a 3-day bus tour Alice arranged because she wants to see Crater Lake. We hit the Oregon tourist site tomorrow. I've never been, but have heard it's worth the six-hour drive to get there. I brought seven chapters to read and revise. If I finish one chapter I'll be impressed.

I read Kirby Larson's blog tonight. Hattie Big Sky is on my list. I listened to two interviews she gave on UTube. She has a pleasant voice and engaging presence.

I don't think I need cable anymore. I never watch television, but I sure love U-verse. I like the idea of recording TV shows I never end up watching. If "Mad Men" were on this summer, I'd keep it no question.

Time for bed...

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