Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

It takes about 20 minutes for me to wake up each morning. Then I have to motivate myself into being productive. Every day it's the same thing. Without the pep talk, I'm lazy and full of negative thoughts. It's a challenge convincing myself that I'm going to have a productive day. But my pep talk usually works.

I feel unlucky for some reason. This is one of the negative aspects of playing poker. I feel I have terrible luck at cards and always lose. I feel it's worse than it should be. If I have someone dominated, their overcard will hit. I know, every poker player feels they're unlucky.

I'm writing a lot lately. Lots of ideas have come into my mind. I'm really happy that Chris and I wrote and finished Deja Bride. I think it's a great script. I really like how it turned out. Our next project is Retro-Therapy. This one could be lots of fun. We're outlining ideas already. Out with the old script, in with the new one. Chris is feeling a great wave of creative energy. My goal is to get someone going with our screenplays so he can quit his job and write full-time. That's my mission. I also am ready to start publishing books and getting some of that ancillary gold heard people talk about last week in LA.

This morning I'm writing non-stop for one hour. 15 minutes on this blog, 15 minutes on my memoir, 15 minutes on Julia _____ and The Chapel of Chimes, about a girl who discovers a connection between life and death, and 15 minutes on the piece I'm writing for Chris.

Then I'm spend 15 minutes reading The Brain book, 15 minutes reading Harry Potter, 15 minutes reading Grandudes, and 15 minutes reading Selling for Dummies.

Then I'll spend an hour getting ready and zoning.

Then an hour prepping for poker for May. I didn't play a single limit hand in April. Too busy writing, and I needed a break from the awful March loss.

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