Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot Outside

The temperature yesterday was in the 90s. Today it's a little cooler, but still hot. It's most pleasant at 6:00 am when the sun comes out. At Craig's tournament two days ago, someone called my AK pre-flop raise with 92 and the flop was 92A. So painful. What's worse, I was slow-rolled when all the chips were in. It was brutal. Frank is so in trouble.

I played Byron in racquetball today and beat him 15-3, 15-2. It was sweet. I played well, though there was still room for improvement.

I'm writing three projects right now. I'm a writing machine. I'm also getting back into poker after a month off. I doubt I will play in the WSOP this year. No vacation time, plus I don't think I'll win an entry. My online play is not very lucky. Maybe I"m not very good and just don't realize it.

Michael Bell is spending his last day here. His visit has been very enjoyable. The weather couldn't have been better. He's a great great guy.

OK, on to some writing.

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