Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trip to LA

I went to LA with Chris last week. I met several agents and managers in the film business. They were instructive in offering advice about how to get a script optioned and sold in Hollywood. Chris and I are on the right page in terms of what we're writing. High concept comedies and romantic comedies that are well-written. I think that's what it will take. We went to LA through the Sherwood Oaks Experimental College. The organization was awful, but the people we met were great. I have a clearer vision as to what I need to do. Write more, read more, watch more movies, stay on task. I have lots of ideas I'm shooting around in my head.

Chris and I are writing a new script called Retro Therapy. I also want to write a memoir/romantic comedy book that sort of explains who I am, what I am the way I am, etc. I think it could be good. I also want to put together a franchise young adult collection set at Chaple of the Chimes. I'm considering various ideas now. I'd like it to be a page-turner like da Vinci Code and 24.

It's impossible to squeeze everything I'd like to do in one day, but I will try. I'm interested in all sorts of things.

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